Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When will Calvin Coolidge die?

Our society is breaking under the weight of a dream.

Coolidge's "small government", laissez-faire philosophy has been clung to by the wealthy, the hopefully wealthy, and the sociopathically hateful for over 90 years now.   His image of the ideal American society has been repeatedly proven not to work, but that hasn't stopped those who hate their fellow citizens (or who profit from their misery) from trying to bring back those days of capitalist glory.

Take a quick look at history.  Slashing taxes, cutting services, breaking unions, and gutting regulations were all bought to perfection during "Silent Cal's" tenure in the White House.  

The inevitable happened, of course, when society and the economy broke under the weight of Silent Cal's neglect and Hoover's relentless hatred of his social inferiors, but even the decade of misery that was the Great Depression and its final cure by Franklin Roosevelt's application of classic Keynesian stimulus still didn't dissuade the enviers, the haters, the wealthy and those who wanted a society of serfs and betters from working towards Coolidge's ideal:  a society of hewers of wood and drawers of water, and their rightful rulers, who had earned their right to their riches and power by being born to them, as God intended.

We must purge this dream of the dead-enders, the 27 percenters, or we will all surely perish.